Verdura® Retaining Walls

Verdura combines a unique block configuration and wall inclination with a truly positive connection (Posi-Dura) between the concrete blocks and Geosynthetic material to form a very secure wall system.
Whether you're a "Weekend Warrior" that lives for the next project, or a first time do-it-yourselfer, Verdura® plantable blocks allow you to build retaining walls, lawn borders, and planting beds with the look of a professional.


VERDURA's Benefits are Positively Remarkable

  • Streamlined Installation - accelerated construction schedules.
  • Cost Savings to the home owner - Less expensive per square foot of coverage compared to standard retaining walls.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing - 100% plantable
  • Flexible Design - walls can be built in terraces, convex or concave curvatures, and corners
  • Custom colors available upon request

Verdura 10

Lightweight (22 lb) block. Rails on block are set back to allow for butted up 3' radius. Applications include edging, planter beds and small retaining walls (max 3')

Verdura 30

Heavier (65 lb) block. Standard designs accommodate walls up to 8' high using Posi-Dura Reinforcement where required. Walls up to 22' can be engineered

Posi-dura Fabric

Nominal 7 inch wide strips of high strength geosynthetic soil reinforcement fabric having integrally woven pockets at regular intervals which can be used with the Posi-Dura® Pipe to construct a positive mechanical connection with Verdura® and Candura® blocks.